Making Footprints

We came up with the name “Footprints Center for Autism” for a few different reasons. One of the biggest reasons, though, is that we have been so largely impacted by the individuals with autism that we’ve worked with over the years. Students and patients have come and gone, but they are far from forgotten. These children have taught us how to change our perspective, how to celebrate small victories, how to find joy and laughter even in hard times, and how to unconditionally show love and have compassion for all people. These students have left their footprints on our hearts and many more who have come to know them- and that’s the side of autism we want the world to see.

So often, the world only sees the negative side of autism- the hard times, the behaviors, the melt-downs, the isolation. While we recognize that those things can be a part of the life of an individual with autism, what we want to do is bring to light a different side of autism- the side many people don’t get to see. We want to share with the world the positive side of autism- the side filled with love, joy, laughter, and happiness. We want the world to see the footprints that these children have left in your life- and in ours.

If you have a positive story about someone you love with autism, share it! Whether it be a tweet, a Facebook post, or an Instagram pic, we encourage you to share it and use the hashtag #makingfootprints so we can read your story, too!


Erin, Nicole, and Claire