Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, collaborative, and child-centered programming for individuals with autism in a positive and non-restrictive learning environment so that each child can reach their highest potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

3 Mission Areas:

Comprehensive Approach- Footprints Center for Autism recognizes that learning goes beyond academics. We believe in treating the whole child through the use of sensory integration, collaborative therapies and teaching methods, and research based behavioral and neurological interventions that are created to fit each individual child and their family.

Collaborative Approach- Footprints Center for Autism recognizes that learning goes beyond the classroom. We believe in the potency and effectiveness of bridging the gap between home and school, parents/guardians and teachers/therapists. We offer and encourage many collaborative opportunities, such as seminars, observations, family meetings, etc. We believe that the best way to treat the whole child is to provide support in all aspects of his/her world.

Child-Centered Approach- Footprints Center for Autism understands that each child is unique and has his or her own abilities to succeed in everyday life. With this understanding, we design a program that focuses on the strengths of each child and meets their individual needs. This is done by providing opportunities for play and creative exploration along with individualized instruction that is centered around each student.  


Footprints Center for Autism envisions a world where all people with autism have the resources to live up to his or her fullest potential across all settings. There are many gaps in the consistency of intervention between school, home, and the community. Footprints Center for Autism intends to help bridge those gaps by providing individualized therapy for the child and collaborative training opportunities for their families and caretakers.