Chinese Raffle FAQs

For in-depth instructions, click HERE to watch our tutorial video 

How do I sign up for the virtual Chinese Raffle? 
To participate in our Chinese Raffle, you must create an account with Greater Giving online. (The website URL will be available starting on April 7th, 2021.) Once on the website, click, “Get Started” and you will be redirected to new page. Once there, click “Create Account” and follow the prompts. Once your account is created, it will take you to the main page where you can click “start bidding” to view our basket selection. Remember, this is not a silent auction and while the language reads “bidding” you will actually purchase tickets to enter for a chance to win your selected raffle baskets. Click “Start Bidding” and it will take you to the Homepage of the Chinese Raffle. 

Greater Giving is asking for my credit card information. How do I know it is secure? 
Greater Giving complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, protecting your payment data during and after a transaction. Greater Giving’s technology and processes are reviewed regularly and undergo an annual audit by a PCI- accredited 3rd party to ensure PCI compliance.

Who is Greater Giving, and how do they relate to Footprints Center for Autism? 
Greater Giving is an online Nonprofit Fundraising and Auction Software specifically designed for organizations such as Footprints to help plan, manage, and execute virtual events. Footprints Center for Autism partnered with Greater Giving this year to host A Blue Carpet Affair 2021 online including the Chinese Raffle. 

Why does my screen say “Start Bidding”? 
As mentioned above, and in our Chinese Raffle Tutorial Video,  Greater Giving’s software design is geared more towards silent auction’s vs. Chinese raffles, as is the case with almost all online fundraising software. However, their silent auction software has the ability to be edited enough to work as a Chinese Raffle. Given the in-depth software design Greater Giving provides for our event, we chose to move forward with their software despite the inability to edit some of the language displayed on their “auction” pages. Do not fear, we have built out the backend of the program in such a detailed way that we assure you, the “bidding” language, is just that – language.  Rest assured, this IS a Chinese Raffle- not an auction- and you will NOT be bidding- you will be purchasing raffle tickets.  If you have not already watched our Chinese Raffle Tutorial Video, we recommend you preview it prior to purchasing raffle tickets for the baskets. 

How much do raffle tickets cost?
A vast majority of baskets have a “chance to win” value of $1.00 per raffle ticket. However, we do have a few premium baskets that have a “chance to win” value of $5.00 per raffle ticket.  Make sure to note the cost per ticket when clicking the “buy” button on any basket. 

How do I select tickets for baskets?
Once your account is created and you have entered the Chinese Raffle, you will see all of our basket offerings on the first page. On the left side, there is a menu drop down where you will have the ability to view baskets by category (sports, health/wellness, crafts, games, etc). Once you have previewed all the baskets and know which ones you’d like to purchase tickets for, click into the specific basket you are interested in. Once in the specific basket page, you will see a blue “Buy $1” button. Click this button and a pop up box will appear allowing you to select the number of tickets you wish to purchase to enter into this basket (1 ticket = $1.00, 2 tickets = $2.00, and so on). Keep in mind, while most baskets have raffle tickets that cost $1, there are a few premium baskets that have raffle tickets that cost $5. Make sure to note the cost per ticket when clicking the “buy” button on any basket.  Once you select your ticket quantity, it will process your transaction. Please note, this action can not be undone. Once you select your ticket quantity, the transaction is complete. Again, if you have not watched the Chinese Raffle Tutorial Video, we strongly encourage you to do so.

How long is the Chinese Raffle open?
Footprint’s Virtual Chinese Raffle will run for a total of two weeks beginning on April 7th and ending on April 21, 2021. 

How many times can I purchase raffle tickets?
You can access the Chinese Raffle and purchase tickets as many times as you would like over the course of the two weeks the raffle is open (April 7 – April 21). 

How do I know I’ve viewed all of your baskets?
Viewing all of the raffle baskets Footprints has to offer is easy! When you log into your account, all of our baskets are displayed on the main page for you to scroll through. If you wish to view baskets broken down by category, you may do so by clicking the menu bars in the upper left hand corner of your screen. When you select a specific category, it will change your page display to show only those baskets in that category. When clicking back to the “Home” page, it will bring you back to the full listing of baskets. Watching the Chinese Raffle Tutorial Video will show you firsthand how to navigate the basket options. 

Are there any restrictions with the baskets?
Yes! Some baskets contain alcohol and therefore cannot be awarded to minors nor can these baskets be shipped. 

When will I get a receipt for my raffle ticket purchases?
Because you have the ability to return to the raffle and purchase tickets multiple times throughout the event, a complete receipt, detailing your total raffle ticket purchases, will be emailed to you at the end of the two weeks. The raffle ends April 21 and receipts will be sent in the days to follow.  On the days you purchase raffle tickets, an email confirmation will be sent, at the end of the day, to the email address you created your account with simply to confirm you purchased raffle tickets that day. 

Are my raffle ticket purchases tax deductible?
No, Chinese Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. 

How are raffle basket winners selected?
Raffle basket winners are randomly selected through a virtual random name picker application at the conclusion of the raffle (April 21).

How will I be notified if I win a raffle basket?
All raffle basket winners will be announced during our virtual program on Saturday, April 24. The program runs from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. In addition, if you win a raffle basket, we will contact you directly via email and/or phone to notify you of your winnings and finalize pickup/mailing details. If you have not purchased your tickets to A Blue Carpet Affair’s online program taking place Saturday, April 24, you may do so online here

If I win a raffle basket, how will I receive it?
If you are local and win a raffle basket, pickup will be available on Sunday, April 25th, 2021. If you are unable to pick up your basket/s during the specified time, please reply to your winning notification email and we will work with you directly to coordinate a time that works best for you. A photo ID will be required at the time of pickup. All baskets MUST be picked up by Saturday, May 1st, 2021. 

If you live out of town/state and need your basket mailed to you:
Details will be confirmed with you via your winning notification email/phone call. As such, the shipping cost will be charged to the credit card used to purchase raffle tickets at the time the basket is mailed. Please note, baskets containing alcohol cannot be shipped. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Is there a tutorial video I can watch to help me make the most of my Chinese Raffle experience?
We are so glad you asked! 🙂 YES! You can view our Chinese Raffle Tutorial Video online HERE